Heidi Uuranniemi

Attorney And Real Estate Broker

About Me

Heidi Uuranniemi provides prospective homeowners with an exceptional experience when seeing various houses. Homebuyers don’t spend nearly as much time or have as much experience as real estate agents, who view many houses every day as a matter of course. They require as much advice as possible to choose one home over another.

As a result, Heidi Uuranniemi recommends VR and AR as a means of conveying significantly more information. Augmented reality is also effective for creating the atmosphere and displaying the existing characteristics of a property as well as how it may seem if the owner decides to make modifications.

And since individuals are still attempting to maintain social distance during the coronavirus pandemic producing COVID-19 infections globally, searching for homes with augmented reality and virtual reality systems will assist them in avoiding infection. According to Heidi Uuranniemi, there is a health-related advantage of use virtual worlds in the real estate industry.

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